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Leg Pain

Leg Pain

Leg Pain services offered in Newport and Jefferson City, TN

Leg pain is common and rarely a symptom of a serious health issue. However, if you have leg pain during exercise or leg pain with swelling, schedule a consultation with Pragnesh Patel, MD, and the team at Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates in Jefferson City, and Newport, Tennessee. Your discomfort may indicate a vascular problem. The interventional cardiology practice offers advanced testing and treatment for vascular conditions. Call or schedule your leg pain evaluation online today.

Leg Pain Q&A

What is leg pain?

Leg pain is any achy, crampy, or burning feeling in the leg. The pain may range from mild to severe, occur and resolve quickly, or come and go. 

You can have leg pain after a strenuous workout or from dehydration. However, leg pain is also a symptom of conditions that affect blood vessels in the legs.

What vascular conditions cause leg pain?

Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates is a state-of-the-art interventional cardiology practice that specializes in diagnosing and treating vascular causes of leg pain. Some of these conditions include:


Peripheral artery disease (PAD)

If you have painful muscle cramping in the calves, thighs, or hips when you walk, you may have PAD. This common vascular condition occurs when you have blockages or narrowing in the arteries in the extremities. This narrowing occurs from a buildup of plaque along the blood vessel wall. 


Varicose veins

Varicose veins are the enlarged, gnarled veins on the legs. This condition occurs when you have damage to the valve or walls of the vein, affecting the return of blood back to the heart and lungs.

Varicose veins may cause achy or burning pain in the legs.


Venous disease

Venous disease is a circulation problem that makes it hard for the veins in the legs to return blood back to the heart and lungs. The blood pools and seeps out of the veins, causing swelling and skin discoloration in the ankles.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein in the leg. This leg condition may cause swelling and inflammation at the area of the blood clot.


What type of testing is needed for leg pain?

The team at Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates performs vascular testing when you come in with concerns about leg pain. Vascular testing is an ultrasound test that allows the team to see the arteries and veins in your legs, looking for signs of disease or damage. 

They also do a Doppler ultrasound to see how blood moves through the blood vessels. 

After testing, the team discusses the results with you and makes recommendations for treatment, which may include compression stockings, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. 

The interventional cardiology practice also performs procedures to treat PAD and venous disease to improve circulation.

To find out what’s causing your leg pain, call Genesis Heart & Vascular Associates or schedule an appointment online today.